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PostSubject: AAR - 2017 SEPTEMBER   AAR - 2017 SEPTEMBER Icon_minitimeWed Aug 23, 2017 9:50 am

Here is the Thread for all SEPTEMBER 2017 After Action Reports

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PostSubject: Re: AAR - 2017 SEPTEMBER   AAR - 2017 SEPTEMBER Icon_minitimeFri Oct 06, 2017 3:52 pm

1) I Want That Stuff/Board Game Empire 1150B 19th Street, Brandon, MB R7B 2M4
2) Bolt Action
3) Three Event Days, Sun 24 Sep (500 Points),Sun 22 Oct (750 Points), Sun 19 Nov (1000 Points)
4) Noon until 5:00 pm
5) Information posted on local facebook group, "Brandon Wargaming League"
6) 500 Points

September 24, 500 point platoon, currently players are allowed to field a single platoon, either generic reinforced platoon or from a theater selector. The aim is to have fun and play the game. Players will pay $10 cash each day for tables and prize support. Prizes will be randomly drawn in November, as well as gift certificates for IWTS will be drawn on the day. Each player will get one ticket in the draw for each day that they attend.

Of the 16 players we have currently signed up for the league we had 12 players in attendance. We were scheduled to start at noon but due to a few late arrivals we had staggered start times with most games starting on schedule and the last two games starting at around 12:30. We had an even split of Axis and Allied forces. Due to the small size of games it was decided to play two games on the day. For the first game we played Battle Scenario 1: No Man's Land and for the second Battle Scenario 2: Meeting Engagement.
Due to work schedules we had two players drop out for round two. Fortunately it was evenly split with a German and American player both having to leave. During the second round the two Japanese and USMC players decided to combined their games into a 4 player 2v2 game. The day ended with an overall Allied victory, though this is a purely non-competitive format league several players expressed interest in tracking such stats. Player feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and many expressed their desire to get in more games prior to our next League day.
Due to an unfortunate scheduling snafu, the amount of table space was limited. The event was scheduled through Board Game Empire, the boardgame cafe attached to our FLGS (I Want That Stuff), and though their booking scheduled showed the date as clear, there was an as yet unrecorded Magic The Gathering Pre-Release event taking place on the same date concurrently.
Fortunately as this first league day was only 500 points, we simple split each of the 4'x6' gaming tables into two 4'x3' tables and doubled up the amount of players per table that way. I have confirmed with the staff at IWTS and Board Game Empire, that there should be no conflict for the remaining dates of the league and further Magic events.
Overall the event was very successful, and both myself and our local players very much look forward to the next league day
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