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PostSubject: AAR - 2017 OCTOBER   Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:50 am

Here is the Thread for all OCTOBER 2017 After Action Reports

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Richard K

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PostSubject: Re: AAR - 2017 OCTOBER   Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:44 pm

1. Eye Opener Book Store (204) 727-3868
2. 314 10th Street Brandon, Manitoba
4. Paint and Hobby Night
5. Oct 17 7pm -10pm
6. We had 23 people attend including 3 people who assembled or painted their first miniatures
7. This was an introductory hobby night being sponsored by the store. Happy to report this was an outstanding success. The overall opinion was that it went splendidly with most in attendance asking when we would be holding another one. The store owner was ecstatic at the turn out and quite surpised be the number. The only issue we ran into was running out of space due to us not being fully prepared for the turn out, but the people were quite understanding and willing to squish in. We have several people who bought their first minis during the event. And more than one person commented on how the hobby was more fun than they had ever umagined. It appears that this will need to become a regular event for the store.
8. This was the only thing running at the store at the time.
9. I am a dumbass and didn't think to take any pictures.

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PostSubject: Re: AAR - 2017 OCTOBER   Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:05 pm

1. Apt to Game 1-780-756-4263
2. 5722 104 St. NW
Edmonton, AB T6H 2K2
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4. Event Type: Demo, Open Gaming
5. October 21 – Open Gaming 7pm – 12 pm
October 22 – Demo Gaming 9am – 5pm
6. Over 150 miniature gamers were at the event playing 6-8 different systems.
7. We had a Bolt Action demo table setup at the front entrance of the hall. The demo table was ran by me as a representative of Apt to Game and by the gaming group I am apart of Bitter North Gaming. Several people came over to inquire about the system and examine the demo models setup on the table.  Three individual between games tried three Bolt Action demo games. Lots of positive feedback was given about the being able to physically see the models in person. A number of people expressed how they are considering starting Bolt Action and knowing Apt to Game sells the product locally was helpful. Many are happy to hear I will be running events and more demos at Apt to Game twice a month to start growing our gamer base.
8. This event was conducted at Edmonton’s largest local annual miniature gaming tournament - Onslaught (website: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ). Apt to Game was open normally during this period of time.
9. Pictures posted in this after action report will be in the Sarge FB group album (Edmonton Onslaught 2017)
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PostSubject: Re: AAR - 2017 OCTOBER   Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:22 am

1) I Want That Stuff/Board Game Empire 1150B 19th Street, Brandon, MB R7B 2M4
2) Bolt Action
3) Three Event Days, Sun 24 Sep (500 Points),Sun 22 Oct (750 Points), Sun 19 Nov (1000 Points)
4) Noon until 5:00 pm
5) Information posted on local facebook group, "Brandon Wargaming League"
6) 750 Points

October 22nd, 750 point platoon, currently players are allowed to field a single platoon, either generic reinforced platoon or from a theater selector. The aim is to have fun and play the game. Players will pay $10 cash each day for tables and prize support. Prizes will be randomly drawn in November, as well as gift certificates for IWTS will be drawn on the day. Each player will get one ticket in the draw for each day that they attend. This week scenarios 3 and 4 were played. One of the players also ran a contest, where each player who brought a set of painted objective markers was entered to win a set of tank traps (Generously provided by the player who organized the contest)

As with our previous event day we had one player have to drop out after the first game due to work. This time our Panzergrenadier player bulked up his 750 point force to fight out a team comprised of an American Airborne and British Para platoon.

We had a solid turnout of 10 players for this week, a few players had conflicting life events and were not able to attend. Much as last time our start time of 12:00 was slightly delayed, but most players were rolling dice by around 11:30. We had six Allied and Five Axis players on the day, though once again we had two loaner armies on hand. In the end our resident Soviet player played against the Allies for both games, Operation Unthinkable clearly in full force.

Once again we managed to fit in two games, Scenario 3 in the first round and Scenario 4 in the second. We had one player drop out between rounds for work reasons and so in the second round one of our German players doubled up his force to take on two Allied players. In addition to the standard league games, one of our players organized a objectives painting contest, Each player who brought a painted set of objective markers was entered to win a set of tank traps (Generously donated by the player who set up the contest), in the end 4 players entered and it was a well appreciated effort. Once again our event day was very successful, several players who were unable to attend on the day, have expressed interest in playing "make up" games prior to the next event day.
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PostSubject: Re: AAR - 2017 OCTOBER   

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