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 Bolt Action Escalation League-IWTS, Brandon Manitoba

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Bolt Action Escalation League-IWTS, Brandon Manitoba Empty
PostSubject: Bolt Action Escalation League-IWTS, Brandon Manitoba   Bolt Action Escalation League-IWTS, Brandon Manitoba Icon_minitimeFri Oct 06, 2017 3:35 pm

1) I Want That Stuff/Board Game Empire 1150B 19th Street, Brandon, MB R7B 2M4
2) Bolt Action
3) Three Event Days, Sun 24 Sep (500 Points), Sun 22 Oct (750 Points), Sun 19 Nov (1000 Points)
4) Noon until 5:00 pm
5) Information posted on local facebook group, "Brandon Wargaming League"

*Taken from Facebook Post

We are going to run a Bolt Action escalation group at IWTS this Fall. One Sunday per month 12-5 PM. Armies can be from any Theatre Selector lists but no Tank War this time around. Hopefully we can keep going in the New Year and introduce some armoured platoons!
The aim is to have fun and play the game. Players will pay $10 cash each day for tables and prize support. All prizes will be randomly drawn in November. Each player will get one ticket in the draw for each day that they attend.
The dates are booked and game sizes are:
Sun 24 Sep 500 Points
Sun 22 Oct 750 Points
Sun 19 Nov 1000 Points

Notes: We are attempting to keep our games as Axis vs Allies, but if we end up with uneven forces on the day we will of course run Blue on Blue. Players are not locked into the armies they are playing and are free to change their lists, or even nations, from game day to game day
So far we have had 16 players sign up for the league and there has been significant interest from other players in the community in joining the league once they have purchased and built there models.
If this league continues to be successful, it is very likely that I will organize another league to kick off in the new year, currently considering 1000 point standard reinforced platoons in a more competitive format.
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Bolt Action Escalation League-IWTS, Brandon Manitoba
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