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 Escalation league Idea

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PostSubject: Escalation league Idea   Escalation league Idea Icon_minitimeWed Nov 15, 2017 1:33 pm

Presented by Battlegrounds, Warlord Games, and Doug Craig (your friendly neighborhood Warlord Sarge!)
Begins October 1, 2017 and runs through December 31, 2017
Advanced every two weeks! Every two weeks your army will slowly grow, allowing you plenty of time to expand your forces with newly purchased units and to get them painted up.
October 1 – October 14 400 points
Single Platoon. Officer (2LT/1LT), Infantry Squads, Infantry Teams only. No vehicles.
No Forward Observers (FOO/FAO).
No “free units” from applicable armies (Soviet squad, French squad, British free FOO, etc)
October 15 – October 28 500 points
Single Platoon. Vehicles with maximum Damage Value of 7+.
No Forward Observers (FOO/FAO).

October 29 – November 11 650 points
Single Platoon. Vehicles with a maximum Damage value of 8+.
November 12 – November 25 750 points
Single Platoon. Vehicles with a maximum Damage value of 8+.
November 26 – December 9 850 points
Single Platoon. Vehicles with a maximum Damage value of 9+.
December 10 – December 23 1000 points
December 23 – December 30 Bonus week! 1250 points
January date TBD 1000 point tournament!
Platoons may use the generic Reinforced Infantry Platoon from the Main Rulebook or any Theater Selector from the published Armies Of book or a Campaign book. Armoured Platoons are not permitted. The most current Bolt Action FAQ and Errata document for Second Edition will be used. Armies may be under that month’s points limit but never over.
Your army will be classified as either Axis (Armies of Germany, Armies of Japan, Armies of Italy & the Axis, etc) or Allied (Armies of the United States, Armies of the Soviet Union, Armies of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, Armies of France and the Allies, etc). While not required, you are encouraged to historically theme your army: it could mean a prize at the end of the League!
Battlegrounds carries a selection of Bolt Action items ¬ but they can order any Bolt Action product from Warlord Games directly (, including the special made¬-to¬-order items. Just a reminder, it can take up to two weeks for special orders to cross the Atlantic from Warlord Games in the UK.
If you have any problems during the League please contact me! If a family emergency precludes you being able to get in your required number of games, for example, just email me and we can work things out.
Your Sarge’s contact info is:
Doug Craig,
or on Facebook through Bolt Action Richmond

League Points
You will have the opportunity to get League Points!

NEW PLAYER - having not played in a Battlegrounds Bolt Action League before - OR a Veteran Player using an Army you have NOT USED in a Battlegrounds Bolt Action League before: 5 FREE League Points

Play a game in a single week (Sunday through Saturday): 2 League Points
Was your army fully painted? +1 League Point
Was it a historical battle (Axis vs Allied)? +1 League Point
Played a second game in the same week: +1 League Point

You will automatically get one entry in the final League Raffle at the end of the League for every 5 Points you have!
Additionally, you may use League Points during the final Tournament to buy Re-Rolls! The first Re-Roll costs 10 League Points, the second Re-Roll costs 15, the third 20, and the fourth 25. You may only Re-Roll a single die one time, and it may only be one of your dice.
The tournament will be held on a weekend day (to be determined) in January and will consist of three rounds of play against random opponents with random missions, so be sure you’re building an adaptable army list!
Every League Player will get a certificate for participating in the League and the Tournament!
There will be a grand prize for tournament winner, but also additional prizes for sportsmanship and theme!
The final prize is the League Raffle! Players get one entry per five League Points, but the raffle excludes any winners of the other prizes. Note that you will be able to win the raffle even if you cannot attend the tournament.
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Escalation league Idea
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